Reasons to use Twitter Bootstrap for Responsive HTML in PSD to HTML Conversion

With the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, you can create websites and web applications very fast, easier. It is time to move to the bootstrap to do the next project. This framework has very rich readymade codes
So why should you use Bootstrap?
1. Save your Time
You can save your time if you are using the bootstrap framework for your front end development because the bootstrap library has very rich set of readymade code for your common tasks. In addition to that framework is based on the 960 grid system so that you can layout the page easily

2. Customize the code as you need
One of the great things of this framework is to ability to customize the code as you need. If you need you can make your own framework based on the framework. Bootstrap is designed in a way that developers can refractor the code in easy way to achieve their needs. Developers like very much bootstrap since this is customizable

3. Factor in the Design

4. Cross-Browser Compatibility
This framework is developed to help the developers to meet the cross browser compatibility. The code you developed with the Twitter Bootraps will work well in the all major browsers such as IE,FF,Google Crome and Safari

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