PSD to Responsive HTML5 and the Less Framework 3

Responsive layouts are a great way to make your existing sites more accessible to a wider range of devices. However, that’s not to say that you can call it a day as far as your mobile strategy is concerned. As Jeff Croft and others have pointed out, there’s a lot more to a good mobile site than a narrow display. That said, depending on your resources, your audience, and the focus of your site, a fully responsive layout is at the very least a strong first step in the direction of supporting mobile devices.

The Less Framework 3, which isn’t really a framework in the traditional sense at all, is a good way to experiment with responsive designs using grid layouts, and to get a feel for the CSS syntax and structure required for this kind of work. Once you move on to creating your own responsive designs, you can leave it behind and craft your CSS from scratch, or you can use it as a blueprint to kickstart your own responsive layouts.

We have started the Responsive HTML5 making from your PSD files. If you need more information please contact us

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